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Fixed towbar

The basic solution for those looking for savings. The ball is screwed on, easy to disassemble with a simple flat wrench. Most sold towbar

Towbar with horizontally detachable ball

Model C towbar is the best solution for everyone, whether for business or family use, while spending free time. The ball is released by a lever and can be hidden in the trunk when not in use. No tools are needed to unhook. The handle can be equipped with an anti-theft key lock, making the C model optimal in terms of security.

Towbar with vertically detachable ball

The most technologically advanced solution, yet very easy to use and reliable. towbar for those who are only looking for the best solutions. The VM model is a solution in which the hook attachment is completely invisible after unhooking the ball. After the bullet has been taken off, the system is equipped with an anti-theft system.
It has the same strength and reliability properties as the F and C models while preserving the vehicle's aesthetics, which is especially important for higher-class vehicles

Other Models

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